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PAUL GILBERT To Release Third Guitar Instrumental CD

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PAUL GILBERT unleashes his third instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records, August 3rd to the world. “Fuzz Universe is my third guitar instrumental album,” explains Gilbert. “Being a fan of pop music and rock bands, I am a reluctant convert into the art of instrumental rock music. But after touring with JOE SATRIANI’s G3, I witnessed firsthand the power of the electric guitar to take center stage and rock the audience. Playing my guitar-driven songs live was a blast! This discovery led to a huge increase in my touring as a solo artist. In the last couple of years, I’ve played nearly 150 shows all over the world, with my guitar leading the way.”

Fuzz Universe title is inspired by Gilbert being so immersed in the world of guitar it made him realize that he lives in a Fuzz Universe. “Every generation of guitar players has their own terminology for the rock guitar sound: Distortion, Overdrive, Gain, Crunch, Saturation, Drive etc. For me, the word is Fuzz”

Gilbert’s extraordinary talent of arranging/composing lends to the new music’s fresh melodies for songs that shows his true diversity and only in Gilbert’s words will you understand:

“On Fuzz Universe, I think I’ve taken a giant step closer to the ultimate rock guitar sound and playing of my dreams. I’ve used many of my signature techniques from RACER X and MR. BIG, but twisted them into new chords, grooves, and emotions.

As always, my influences are diverse and not what you might expect from a “heavy metal” artist. While I was writing the songs for Fuzz Universe, I was immersing myself in BULGARIAN FEMALE CHOIR music, Baroque lute and violin pieces, JOHNNY CASH songs about trains, cows, mules, and mining coal, the BEE GEES, and RONNIE JAMES DIO. I mix all this into my head, and out came endless new ideas for my guitar to chew on.

After several months of being locked in my writing room, I gathered my touring band together and headed to the studio. Jeff Bowders played drums. Craig Martini played bass. Emi Gilbert (my wife) played keyboards. And I bent the guitar strings until I couldn’t play anymore.

As usual, there are no dramatic stories here. No heroin overdoses, motorcycle accidents, celebrity divorces, or band-member boxing matches. The emotion, drama, and power are all in the music. That is the universe that I want to live in”

For more information, please visit Paul’s official website.

News Sources: Brave Words / VQPR


Ex-Outworld Keyboardist starts new band: Eumeria

Posted in Music on February 9, 2009 by randomaxemen

Former OUTWORLD member Bobby Williamson (keyboards) has joined forces with bassist Shawn Kascak (OUTWORLD), vocalist Jonny Tatum (TIMEFALL), drummer Adam Sagan (COLDERA, INTO ETERNITY), and guitarists Reece Fullwood and Chris Prema to launch a new progressive/power/melodic metal band called EUMERIA. Formed in 2008, EUMERIA is currently working on material for its debut CD, slated for a June 2009 release. Accordign to a press release, “EUMERIA should be of interest to fans of bands such as SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER, CIRCUS MAXIMUS, and the like.”

You can check out two songs — “The Key” and “Heirs of Peril” — along with more information at

Atomic City and Primus Cover Metallica

Posted in Music on February 6, 2009 by randomaxemen

Two good bands covering a song by a band who was good at the time they recorded the song.

First up, we have Atomic City, a band from Poland, and they have re-titled their cover Puppets Of Master. It is meant to show “what Master of Puppets would sound like if it was written and recorded in the present day, not back in the 80’s”. Well-executed and loaded with modern-day extreme metal standards like pinch harmonics and an aggressive growl. Worth lots of watchings and listenings.


And then we have Primus. You guys all know Primus, correct? (just being silly… everyone loves Primus!)


So I guess it’s a cool thing that bands are still doing their own “takes” on music, and it hasn’t become stagnant. Stranger then Primus covering Metallica – I actually got both of these videos on the same day, totally independent of eachother. It was odd, and cool.


Atomic City at MySpace