“… Mr.Big was not the only band for Paul Gilbert – as a matter of fact his career started to take off even earlier, when he was guitarist in a power heavy metal band called Racer X… Now in the beginning of the new millennium Racer X has reunited, and what is more appropriate than throwing a couple of questions at Paul Gilbert to hear about the band as well as get to know some more about his solo-career.”
Interview by Claus Jensen and Erik Pauner

Note: The interview has no date, but the Racer X webmaster, Ken Hower, who is very knowledgeable on such things, places it around Jan/Feb 2001.

“If Paul Gilbert and Racer X would be playing at the same gig – who would be support?”
“I prefer to keep them separate. Plus, I’m spoiled with Japanese shows where there are no support bands and you get to control the whole show!”
Answer revealed in 2009: Andy Timmons.

Check out the interview. It appears to have been done via e-mail.
I don’t have any pictures to jazz this page up right now. Sorry.

A couple Racer X links for you to check out:

Racer X website

Racer X fan message board


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