Interview with Dave Sixx, 2009 (SFM)
Dave Sixx interview
04/02/2009, by Maurizio Ganzaroli

Source (Italian) is here

Exclusive interview with “Dave Sixx”

Welcome to the altar of heavy metal. Dave Sixx returns with an explosive mixture of distortion, blood potions, raw axe, storming drums, grinding basses and killer voices…

(SFM) What is your musical “background”? When did you begin playing guitar and when did you begin to focus on rock and metal?

(DS) I have started to play in 1989 on bass guitar. It’s only recently (a few years) that I began to play guitar. In the early years I play in a lot of bands of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I’ve never played other styles, but I also love Blues and Rock n’ Roll. I like all Metal genres (Classic, Black, Death, and really, all Metal). When I first listened to the album Van Halen, I decided to make Music become my life; it was a crazy feeling and I love it! For me the ‘Call’ of Heavy Metal it was like the ‘Call’ of the Harley: it’s the only way to ride the road or to ride the life. I totally adore Heavy Metal! My background is formed by different genres and sounds like Black Sabbath, Kiss, Motley Crue, Stryper, AC/DC, Skid Row, WASP, Billy Idol, Pink Folyd, Benediction, Metal Church, Cradle of Filth, Darkthrone, Death SS, Paul Chain, Aerosmith, Racer X, Twisted Sister, Marduk, and much more… and my guitar influences are Jimi Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Slash, Y.J. Malmsteen, and John 5. I love also the raw sound of Chris Holmes, and all the great guitarists of the world. I love also Classical Music (I’ve studied violin for many years), so I love Tartini, Paganini, Domenico Scarlatti, and Slohmo Mintz…

(SFM) Could you tell us a little bit about your latest album, and how you wrote the songs? (what the songs are about)

(DS) My SIXXSTERIA or HARDER FASTER is an album for fun and partying (I think). I talk about Harleys, Guitars, Girls and Beer … Fire and Flames ah,ah,ah… I talk of introspection (in Pearls of Wisdom), of self-searching (like the symbolic research of anyone), I pray the Rock n’ Roll Gods in God Rock, and I talk of Freedom. The original idea was to create a CD full of energy and good things …in Italy this album it was said to be ‘very American’ … I hope it is!

(SFM) How many people are involved with you on your latest recording?

(DS) Besides myself, only the drummer Massimo Serra. I play all guitars, bass guitars, piano, synth, voice and chorus.

This is the line-up for the live shows :
Dave Sixx – Voice, Guitars
Viden Spassov – Bass guitar, Chorus
Lord Skarn – Drums, Chorus

(SFM) Your music has a distinct feel of being influenced by AC/DC and Ozzy.

(DS) I thank you. I have, in the past, listened to all the metal is possible. I’m not just a metal fan though. I’m also a big fan of Pink Floyd for example, and many other bands. I really like Blackie Lawless with WASP, and King Diamond, to name a few.

(SFM) There seems to be a focus on the occult and paganism with your music. Could you talk a little bit about that?

(DS) Yeah, The Occult and the Paganism are very important to me, like Honesty and Kindness. All my life is impregnated by this Supreme Energy. It isn’t a pose. From when I was very young, I have received an education about the Occult and Paganism, so I write my music with this energy (my old albums are very infused with Occult… for example Dark Opera or Piccolo Aneddoto Musicale). When I need some Occult Energy I can find it in the ancient HighGate Cemetery London, you know it? It’s amazing, when I walk in this place I’m really happy, and I feel so good.

(SFM) In addition to do you have pages or other sites to share?

(DS) Yes. Here is my official website:

The myspace of my new line of guitars:

The official website of Wayward Star records:

(SFM) What do you predict in your musical future?

(DS) I’ll enter in to the studio to record the follow-up to ‘Sixxsteria or Harder Faster’, because I have a lot of new material written. I am enthused about the atmospheres of light and shadow, and I’m trying to create a sort of bridge between the metal genres, for a new dimension.

I am very busy with my music right now.

I may tour with a band in the near future. I have rehearsed. I can not say anything further at this time about it. I was given the opportunity to bring to the band, a different and interesting sound though.

(SFM) What would be your hidden aspirations or musical dreams?

(DS) My dreams that are ‘which implements, maybe a dream’ hidden ‘could be seen as playing music without borders’ and without having to force the labeling of every single idea. The things that I want more ‘and’ continue living with the music that gave me more ‘a’ emotion, that ‘could make music of my life’ was a big dream … I’d like to realize projects and share with other artists. Most recently, I have found some different artists to work with (Viden Spassov and Lord Skarn). They can create the magic of their art, and we can realize great emotions and know what it means to dream with our art.

Here’s one that could be a dream ‘in the pocket’: that I could also collaborate with these artists.

(SFM) if you could collaborate with an artist of any kind, the past, with who you like to work?

(DS) That’s a good question. I’d like to work with Pink Floyd circa 1970, with the Sex Pistols, with Hendrix, with Billy Idol, WASP circa the early 80’s … Is that too many? I could go on, and on…

Q – You also build guitars. What inspired you to begin this pastime?

A – The love for guitars first, but I also spent many years researching the ancient violins in Cremona, and visiting the great violin makers in Cremona. OK, to build an electric guitar is different then to build a violin, but it is always very emotional for me. I love the woods.
Recently I have played a lot of different vintage guitars, and I have changed my view… in the past, I’ve played only BC Rich guitars, but now I also play vintage Fender guitars. From this new love of mine, it started this new passion (build guitars). Now I have the new SIXXSTERIA (a Telecaster style) and the new STRATOFASTER (a Strato style), but in future I’ll also build a Les Paul style …
Now with this Dave Sixx Handcrafted Guitars, I have recreated my own sound, and it’ s amazing.

(SFM) Thank you very much!

(DS) Thanks to you for this interview, and the work that you have done, to deliver a passion for work done.


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