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A post from that…
25 January 2009
Here in California

Everything stays the same…. one more NAMM music trade show.
The biggest encounter of musicians and worldwide instrument manufacturers.
It’s easy to meet Gene Simon or Steve Morse on the aisles, or maybe who knows, to meet Steve Vai leaving the bathroom…
I have lots of pictures and nice things to tell. First, I will post it on the next Guitar Player and after more details over here.
Besides NAMM I dropped by at MI ( to lecture at an open house, I did a promotional picture session with Chris Impelitteri (who doesn’t know the fastest scales of the world?) for a Young Guitar cover and I jammed with Living Colour….
Tomorrow I will fly to NY to record some instructional video for an american company. Teaching rock to americans is almost ironic, but it’s ok.
Of course I have been in a hurry and after I will post pictures and tell details.
I miss you all.
Here are a couple videos he is featured in.




He seems mighty busy. He got my attention this way. First, I saw him performing some solo on YouTube last April and it was fantabulous. But the real attention-getter…

“Kiko Loureiro was recently voted as the #1 progressive/metal player in the world by reader polls in two of Japans most popular guitar magazines: Young Guitar and Burrn. He beat out Guitar Gods Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and a host of others to receive this honor.”
(source:   )

He was voted over PG in 2 magazines from Japan?! (and he claims PG as an influence.)
This is going to require much research on my part. I think those readers are quite possibly insane.
What is this world coming to! … Well, he does have longer hair.
So, I guess pay attention to this guy.


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