Atomic City and Primus Cover Metallica

Two good bands covering a song by a band who was good at the time they recorded the song.

First up, we have Atomic City, a band from Poland, and they have re-titled their cover Puppets Of Master. It is meant to show “what Master of Puppets would sound like if it was written and recorded in the present day, not back in the 80’s”. Well-executed and loaded with modern-day extreme metal standards like pinch harmonics and an aggressive growl. Worth lots of watchings and listenings.


And then we have Primus. You guys all know Primus, correct? (just being silly… everyone loves Primus!)


So I guess it’s a cool thing that bands are still doing their own “takes” on music, and it hasn’t become stagnant. Stranger then Primus covering Metallica – I actually got both of these videos on the same day, totally independent of eachother. It was odd, and cool.


Atomic City at MySpace



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